What to do Next?

Come to think about it, all the things we think of, desire, hope for, fear from, chase, avoid, laugh and cry; all our idiosyncrasies, convictions, dispositions, passions; all our secrets, deep-ends, and illusions -- all in all boils down to actions that we take one by one, one next to the other, step by step, from cradle to grave, from sunrise to sundown, from now till no more.

It's not vague, it's not multi dimensional, it's not too hard to understand: step by step, action follows action, go by go, do by do, moving right along that axis of time, and the actions that lay in the past are a matter of record, and forever fixed, but what you can do next from this moment on, is the pressing question for which no delay will be suffered. Oops, that moment we just talked about has disappeared, and your choice to keep reading this, and wonder whether this is of any interest to you is now forever a matter of unalterable record.

It matters not how smart you are, how profound your understanding of the universe, how spiritual your disposition -- if you are unsavory about what to do next, you are no-gooder, a looser per definition, a sorry life you live.

What to do next -- it's all there is to know. The one who knows what to do next, is superior to he who knows everything else.

Just think of what to do next -- next moment, next hour, next weekend, next year -- take a broad view as you like, but remember it's terminal. There is no next life, surely not for those who botch this one.

I am a professor at Case Western Reserve University, and I talk about what to do next. I am reachable at gideon.samid@case.edu